How far can you go to prove that you are innocent?

So, this man known as Slobodan Praljak was accused of committing war crimes and then sentenced to jail.

He protested, severally that he was innocent and even appealed the judgement. But the international criminal tribunal in The Hague would not listen and then upheld his sentence – a 20 years jail term.

So, Mr. Praljak took a drastic action to further protest his conviction – he poisoned himself immediately after the judges upheld the jail sentence.

He swallowed what appeared to be poison as the UN war crimes court upheld his sentence.

Standing tall, with a shock of white hair and beard, he then raised a small brown bottle to his lips, and tipped it into his mouth. The hearing was quickly suspended as Praljak's lawyer interjected: "My client says he has taken poison."

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That was how the courtroom became a crime scene – cordoned off by security agents and evacuated.

ICTY spokesman Nenad Golcevski told reporters that Praljak "quickly fell ill" and died in hospital. He could not confirm what was in the bottle.

Before he took the poison, Mr Praljak shouted angrily, "Praljak is not a criminal. I reject your verdict."

Dutch prosecutors are now investigating how Mr. Praljak managed to smuggle the poison into the UN court.

Prosecutors say their investigation would focus on what killed Praljak and whether he had received any outside help in obtaining the suspected poison.

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