The Apapa traffic has become a constant pain in the neck of all Lagosians. The Buhari government has implemented several measures including issuing a fiat and using security operatives to keep trucks off the road.

But none of those measures have yielded the desired result, and now the government is doing a reality check and implementing some measures that could have more lasting impact, according to Osinbajo.

While appearing as a guest at a local radio station, 95.1 Wazobia FM on Tuesday (November 13th), Osinbajo decried the state of the Apapa port roads and enumerated what the government was doing to deal with the menace.

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“You know this port that we have, it was built to handle only 38 million metric tonnes of cargo. Now it handles about 84 million metric tonnes. So the port has become too small for the kind of cargo it currently handles. What that means now is that too many took trucks now line up to enter the port, causing traffic.

“When I came to Lagos for the first time and assessed the Apapa traffic, I noticed that all the roads around the port are in a terrible shape. So we agreed to fix the road. We agreed to fix the roads and also the wharf road, leading up to Oshodi Apapa expressway.

“We have almost completed the one around the port now, that goes all the way to mile 2. If we do not fix that road, we will continue to have the problem.

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“While we are doing that, if you look at the front of the port, there is one bridge, one half of it is closed, that bridge has to be completed and opened.

“We have told the contractor, Julius Berger that it must complete and open the bridge. This is because even if we fix all the roads but don't complete the bridge and open it, the traffic congestion would still persist,” Osinbajo said.

But for a long-term solution, there are 2 things that must be in place, he said. These include:

1. Building The Railway: “Now we are building Lagos – Kano railway. The first phase is Lagos – Ibadan and it is from the port. So, many of the goods, will be taken by rail (when completed),” Osinbajo said, noting that “the Lagos – Ibadan stretch should be completed by January 2019”.

“We are hoping that we can finish Lagos – Kano in 2 and a half years,” he added.

2. Opening Up Other Ports: “There are other ports – Calabar, Warri and Onne, so we must make sure that we divert some traffic there. But the point is even if we can divert some traffic, it could only help but not solve the problem entirely. And the reason is because 60% of business is here in Lagos. So, when people bring things from across the world, they want to use it here. And that is a problem,” the VP explained.

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