As far as job hunting is concerned in the skilled market, Curriculum Vitaes, CVs are important. Especially in a clime like Nigeria, where the labourers are plenty and the harvest, very, very few, CVs help recruiters to decide easily how to hire the best labourers.

“A CV is a representation of your skills, your qualifications and experiences. It gives a foretaste to whoever is trying to fill a position or trying to hire a candidate. So, the CV is very important,” said Head of Marketing at Careers24 Nigeria, Tope Niyi while speaking on CV Writing at Bounce Masterclass recently.

According to him, “the form or shape of a CV might change but the content of a CV remains vital because that is the first introduction that an employer gets from a prospective employee.”

Now, for most fresh graduates, their greatest challenge is always how to reflect job experience on their CVs when they have never really held any jobs, officially.

According to Tope, your active life throughout your school days should be able to provide one form of experience or another that is worthy of reflection on your CV as a fresh graduate.

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Here are 3 experience ideas you may never have considered:

1. Volunteer Works: A volunteer work is a free work you may have done while in school. For instance, you may have played an active role in an HIV awareness campaign in your school; you may have been a member of Red Cross, volunteer member of security committee in your university, or anti-cultism campaigner. Such volunteer works should come handy when writing your CV.

2. Holiday Jobs: What did you do during holidays? Did you work with your father in his workshop? Or with your mother in her restaurant? Did you sell magazine or newspaper as a vendor? Did you work as a sales representative at a local supermarket or volunteered at your church’s bookshop? Put them in your CV.

“It’s a graduate job, so nobody is asking for certain level of experience but if your CV has some job experiences, it kind of gives you an added advantage,” said Tope.

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3. NYSC Jobs: The one-year compulsory National Youth Service presents a fantastic opportunity at garnering some work experiences. For many fresh graduates in Nigeria, that becomes the first time that they work.

Some others become a bit smarter, by doing extra jobs like marketing or freelance writing. It all adds up when it is time to prepare your CV.

So, whatever you did at your NYSC, add them up there, the employer would appreciate the fact that you weren’t sitting and waiting for the one year to go by, so you can go looking for a job.

So, now you know. If you are just passing out from NYSC and preparing your CV, don’t be at a loss as to where you are going to get the experience to reflect on your CV.

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