Many of us are still reeling from the news that 'little' Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is about to become a billionaire at the tender age of 21, thanks to her makeup business. 

While some people are busy debating whether or not she is indeed "self- made" as Forbes magazine tagged her, we are here to learn how to turn our social media platforms into our business place like she did and is still doing.

Now here's the thing; there's much more to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat than just posting perfect selfies or showing off your latest accessories just to get "likes". Likes won't put money in your pocket or food on your table. But even if you're still a student at the university, you can use your social media handles to make some extra cash for yourself.
One of the ways to achieve this is for you to first identify your niche - something you enjoy doing that you can happily and gladly do even if you don't get paid for it. Promoting something of this nature would be very easy and enjoyable for you. Now imagine making some cool cash off of that!

The second thing is to learn how to convert your online "followers" into clients. So you've identified your niche and it's time to promote it and get people to buy or subscribe to this product or service, you don't need to spend money printing banners or doing a radio jingle to market what you're selling. Just upload a picture of what you're marketing and include a descriptive caption about it. Better yet, a short one-minute video by you can go a long way in convincing your followers (some of who already know you personally) to try out what you're advertising.
You can also do a bit of affiliate marketing which involves promoting a certain brand on your social media, and getting paid a commission each time someone patronises them through you. No need to start looking for customers upandan, just inform your online "fans" and boom!

If you have 100 of them, at least 30 might respond positively and that means money from 30 people landing inside your bank account. 

Now put some 'respeck' on your social media accounts and turn them to your money maker. Who knows, you might be the next upcoming billionaire on the Forbes list!

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