The tragic death of Dbanj’s 13-month-old son on Sunday has brought into the limelight the dangers of drowning.

Daniel ‘The Third’ Oyebanjo reportedly drowned in the swimming pool at Dbanj’s Ikoyi residence.

The Koko master then shared the sad news of his son's death on his Instagram page with a post “Trying times but my God is forever and always faithful”

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It only takes a few moments for a child to fall into the water and drown, even if the water is just one meter deep, a child can still drown said Benson Ogah, a health and safety specialist, while speaking to Bounce News.

“Drowning happens very fast, so it is important that there is proper adult supervision when a child has access to a swimming pool''.

Here’s what you can do to keep your children safe around a swimming pool.

1. Always have adult supervision

There always has to be an adult there with the children, said Ogah.

“Make sure you have an adult present when children are at a swimming pool.

''Parents should also continue to be aware of their wards because, sometimes when they are distracted, the toddler could just sneak off” he added.

Ogah also suggests that the parent or life guard present should know basic rescue techniques and CPR to be able to respond to any emergency.

2. Install a fence around swimming pools

A fence  that blocks off the pool area from the house and yard can prevent a wandering child from getting into the pool.

Ogah recommends that parents who have a swimming pool at home should install a fence that would be too high for children to climb around the pool.

“The best thing is to make sure that the door leading to the swimming pool is always locked, and only authorized adults have access to it by creating access control like thumb print, bio-metrics or card reader” he told Bounce News.

3. Teach the child how to swim

Ogah said that teaching a child how to swim will reduce the chances of drowning.

“Another very important thing with having a swimming pool is to make sure that the child knows how to swim, so you have teach the child. This could help reduce any chances of drowning” he said.

4. Safety around swimming pools

According to Ogah who spoke to Bounce News, children and adults should be made aware of the risk of being alone in a swimming pool.

“Children should be made aware that their lives could be at risk when they go to the swimming pool alone.

''Also parents should be made aware of the importance of keeping an eye on their children, even if they have locked the swimming pool area, because children are curious, even when you tell them not to go somewhere, they could still go”  he told Bounce News.

Children should never be allowed near the  pool area unsupervised. Stay safe