There’s a lot that comes with meeting your future in-laws for the first time – sometimes, it can be quite dramatic.

From when we were toddlers, our mothers literary drummed it into our ears that one of our most important roles in life as women is to be a good wife.

While many feminist groups have made it clear that this kind of upbringing and grooming is unfair and outdated, we can't rule out the fact that marriage is still a major aspiration for a lot of women.

For the many who still look forward to being married to the man of our dreams, the most tense moment of the relationship can be when we finally get to meet the family of our fiancé. It can be both exciting and scary at the same time. So let’s help you out with some quirky but useful tips to help you win over your future in-laws on your first visit.

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Nigerian in-laws can sometimes be tricky to win over

1. Smile, smile and smile: If you think the Duchess of Sussex is the only one expected to smile and look sweet with everyone every time when all she really wants to do is lay in bed and massage her bump, then think again. You know what they say about first impressions; so smile, look amiable and be friendly even to your fiancé’s weird uncle who keeps trying to peep into your blouse. Act pleased to meet everyone and don’t let them see you sweat. Literally. 

2. Be gracious: One lady recently went viral on Nigerian social media for refusing to eat the food her future mother-in-law’s maid served her because there was no meat or fish in the soup. This led to a huge debate about whether she was wrong or right. Sometimes, your in-laws may have this silly desire to test you and see your reaction in certain situations. Don’t be quick to lose your temper and project a wrong impression about yourself. Go along with their little game while it lasts but let your man know how you really felt about it later on when you’re both alone.

3. Have an ally: There will always be one family member that your fiancé is most close with. Locate that person and make him/her your best buddy. With someone like that on your side, s/he can speak in your favour if the rest of the family is having second thoughts about accepting you. Plus if you and your man end up getting married and he ever tries to misbehave, this ally can help you call him to order. Better to have one person in your corner than to have everyone against you.