Are you tired to the slaps and punches? Are you still telling yourself I love him even when he is about to redesign your face and brain?

Have you been a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault in any form? Help might be closer than you think.

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) is a collection of professional service providers and officials that respond as a group and in a timely fashion.

They provide legal, medical and emergency assistance.

The group also provides counselling, psychological and psycho-social support.

It is their responsibility to encourage and create unprecedented level of collaboration among professionals working to end sexual and gender-based violence.

To report domestic and sexual violence as well as other gender-based abuses, the agency has advertised the following numbers —

112, 08137960048 and 07032165181.

Summon that courage, a simple phone call might save you…or someone you know.