The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is not taking chances with people’s lives considering the unprecedented heavy human traffic at the Kaduna airport and the roads. This is a good sign.

The agency has deployed a rescue helicopter, three (3) Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances and three (3) Rapid Intervention Vehicles to the state.

They are to join others in providing support for emergency operations in the state, following the closure of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.  

The helicopter is to be used for medical patrol while the three MICU ambulances with the Rapid Intervention Vehicles are stationed along Jere and Katari Towns, Kaduna-Abuja road and Kaduna International Airport.  

The MICU ambulances are used to administer first aid treatment and stabilization for trauma victims on their way to the hospital as it serves as a mobile hospital with the capacity to carry one critical and one less critical victim. 

The Rapid Intervention Vehicles are used for search and rescue, to fight fire rapidly and for extrication of victims trapped in accident vehicles or collapsed structures.  

NEMA can be reached through the North West Zonal office at No 15 Wurno Road Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna or through their emergency.

Call number 0800CALLNEMA (080022556362) or the National Emergency Number 112. 

All calls are Toll free.