The number of internet users in Nigeria approximately increased by 0.17 in April from 90,003,101 recorded in March.

The current number of internet users released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on Thursday stands at 90,154,737.

Some small and medium scale business in Nigeria are taking advantage of these numbers by engaging in e-commerce.

This involves taking your business online to reach a larger number of persons at no extra cost.

E-learning and e-Training are increasingly becoming available online for different fields. On YouTube, videos of different DIYs exist that young Nigerians can take advantage of.

If you ever know how to do something that others cannot do, someone somewhere wants to learn that too and the growing number of internet users opens up more opportunities for everyone.

The NCC Monthly Internet Subscribers Data indicates that out of the 90,154,737 internet users in April, 90,124,428 were on GSM networks, while 30,309 users were on CDMA networks.

Also, the GSM service providers gained 151,636 internet customers after recording 90,124,428 users in April as against 89,972,792 it recorded in March.

The CDMA operators figure which remained at 30,309 internet subscribers in April may not show the true picture, as only Multi-Links and Visafone were captured in the report.