It happened in a split second.

The stray bullet hit Emmanuel Chukwu, and he died on the spot.

 A 16-year-old pupil at  Randle Secondary School, Apapa, Emmuel was asleep when it started.

A  suspected female kidnapper was rescued  by policemen of  the Ijora Badia Police Division, from a crowd who were ready to lynch her.

The noise made by  protesting  youth who were angry at the police, for saving a suspected kidnapper, woke Emmanuel from his sleep.

He rushed to the front of his house, to witness young men face off with policemen.

The young boy was shot  on the spot were he was standing and looking, and  his corpse was taken away by policemen.

The deceased’s mother, Ijeoma Chukwu, said she was busy with her  domestic chores in their compound, when she was told that Emmanuel had been shot.

“He rushed out to the front of our house while I went to the backyard to do the dishes. After a few minutes, neighbors rushed in to tell me that my son had been killed by the police.

“I rushed out and saw the police taking his corpse to the station and ran after them. On getting to the station, I told them that I was his mother and pleaded that they should allow me to see his body, but they refused and threatened to shoot me if I didn’t leave the place." she sadly said.

“I cried, but they didn’t listen to me until they took the corpse to a mortuary. His father has traveled for a burial in our village,” she added.

 The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, has denied that the police killed anybody.

He said the youths had stormed the station with cutlasses, guns and explosives, threatening to burn down the facility.

He claimed that the the secondary school student  was killed by stray bullets from the guns carried by the youths, adding that nine persons had been arrested.