Patoranking's 'Available' makes the perfect 'turn up' song.

The song released in November 2017, is based on the full banging drums which inspire dancing.

You can find a similar rhythm and beat on ‘Legbegbe’, the hit song by Mr Real, and in the music catalogue of the entire Shaku shaku movement.

Even though the heavy drumming is tweaked by producers to get varying sounds, it still follows the general template of the drums.

This style takes its origin from South Africa, where it is called ‘Gqom’.

It’s a South African township dance sound that is breaking into other parts of the world.

It came from the townships and it is taking over the world.

Gqom is described as a “big bang which leaves you happy after it hits you,”

Gqom (pronounced “gom” with a clicking sound on the “g”) is an unfiltered mutation of South African kwaito

In gqom, producers often utilise repetition, sliced vocal samples, echo, and heavy percussive beats.

Nigerians have always made music via grabbing  sounds from different cultures, and adapting to something that is local and  very Nigerian.

You also can find it in CDQ’s ‘Nowo Soke’, ‘Say baba’, and ‘Indomie’.

Patoranking’s ‘Available’ may just become the door way for more Nigerian musicians to try out this new sound.

When you listen to some Nigerian songs you will see how Nigerian music producers squeeze Shaku Shaku music out of it.

Listen to watch  Patorankings' 'Available' below