Wahab Olabamiji, who lives at Olopo-Meta Estate, Ibadan, had petitioned the Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan that his wife was endangering his life with her extramarital relationships.

“Tawakalitu has remained a source of frustration to me for two-and-a half years now, denying me of sex.

“All my efforts at changing her attitude for good have yielded no result as she has become a pain in my neck.

“In addition, Tawakalitu is heavily involved in adulterous acts and I have caught her many times.

“Worst still, she has been having grudges with my children from my first wife. She doesn’t want to see them as she has not hidden her hatred for them.

“I no longer want to have anything to do with her, please separate us,” Wahab urged the court.

In her response, Tawakalitu agreed to the divorce and did not deny the allegation of sexual starvation leveled against her.

The respondent, a trader, however, said that she was acting on a medical advice.

“My lord, a nurse told me that I could contract disease by continually allowing Wahab to sleep with me since he also sleeps with an old woman who is already in her menopause.

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“The nurse said that the only option I had was to stop sleeping with Wahab. For two-and-a half years now, no man has touched me,” Tawakalitu said.

President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, on Friday dissolved the seven-year-old marriage on the grounds of sex starvation.

Odunade said the marriage was dissolved because the estranged couple was resolute in their decision to part ways.

He granted custody of the two children produced by the union to Tawakalitu and ordered Wahab to pay a monthly allowance of N6,000 for the children’s upkeep.

Odunade, while delivering his ruling, advised housewives to maintain their vows of fidelity because it was vital to trust in any marriage.

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