Traders at Opolo market in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, on Wednesday, witnessed the gruesome killing of a lawyer.

It was about 12:11 p. m. local time and traders and their customers were busy haggling prices of commodities while impatient commercial drivers tried to overtake each other. 

Suddenly, a black Camry car double-crossed another unidentified car beside a waste dumpsite near the market.

Both vehicles screeched to a halt.

The noise drew the attention of everyone, including Bounce News' correspondent who was one of the customers at the market.

While some thought it was a fatal accident and ran forward to see how they could help rescue victims, the occupants of the Camry saloon car were there for a different reason.

Like actors in an action movie, four masked men dressed in black came out of the Camry car.

One of them went straight for the driver of the unidentified car who had, at the time, locked the doors of his car. Pointing his gun at the window, he pulled the handle of the door, shouting; "open this door! "l said open this door now!".

Meanwhile, traffic had begun to build up. People, especially those who were going for school run, began to wonder what might have happened. 

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When the driver refused to obey, the masked man shot at him and shattered the glass.

He puts the nuzzle of his gun on the drivers laps and shot him severally. While the victim screamed, people ran helter-skelter.

Some car owners abandoned their vehicles and fled. 

Robbers kill lawyer in Bayelsa steal his money

The glass by the driver was broken when the first shot was fired by one of the gang members

At that instance, another gang member hit the lawyers' secretary, who was also in the vehicle, with the butt of his gun.

She had only resumed duty on Monday.

Quickly, words spread about the activities of armed robbers at the market.

Shop owners within the area, fled into the community for safety. The other two members of the gang shot sporadically into the air and scared people away.

They carried a big bag which contained money out of the car and a few Naira notes fell from the bag, which they hurriedly picked. One of them shot three times in the air before they ran into their car and left.

Just when people thought that the dust had settled, the four-man gang came back, apparently to finish what they had started.

They searched for their victim who was identified as Abel Orzi, but he had at that time, been taken away from the scene.

During that period, traffic wardens, who usually control traffic at Opolo Junction, were absent.

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The men, after searching without result for few minutes, ran back to the waiting vehicle and sped away.

Robbers kill lawyer in Bayelsa steal his money

The victim was taken to the Federal Medical Centre in Ovom, but the doctors confirmed the lawyer dead.

A lawyer who was also an occupant of the car, but would not want his name mentioned, told Bounce News that he believed the armed robbers trailed them from First Bank located along Mbiama-Yenagoa Road where they made withdrawal.

"We withdrew a substantial amount of money which was meant for settlement over a case we won recently.

"The family insisted on cash payment despite our warning.

"Now, our boss is dead and the money stolen," he said.

The Police Command in Bayelsa State has confirmed the incident and said that investigation had been launched, 

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