Pastor Ato Kessie, a Seventh Day Adventist District pastor in Ghana was away on Sunday, August 19 when fire broke out in his home.

He had reportedly gone for a camp meeting and left his wife and their two children together with a third child who had come to the house with the pastor's mother-in-law.

The fire broke out around 5am in the six-bedroom storey building, near the Wesley Grammar school in Dansoman, Accra.

According to reports, frantic efforts were made to save the occupants but the burglary proof in the house prevented residents from rescuing them.

In the end, the pastor’s wife, three children including their 2-month old baby and his mother-in-law, died in a fire disaster.

Perhaps, this is a lesson that in ensuring security, fire exits are as important as burglary proof when building a house.

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