Human trafficking is an unpleasant trade that has caused agony for loved ones, but the trade has thrived in Nigeria because of the nation's porous borders.

Several efforts have been made to check the trend, but the trade has continued.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) believe they can curb the menace of human trafficking.

They are working on a collaboration that will leverage the emergency number 112 and toll-free line 622.

Nigerians do not call emergency numbers because most of them do not believe the line works, but the Executive Vice-Chairman of NCC, Professor Umar Danbatta, said the number would become effective in most states after ongoing efforts.

He spoke on Wednesday in Abuja when the Director-General of NAPTIP, Ms Julie Okah-Donli led other management staff on a visit to the commission.

Danbatta condemned human trafficking and described it as a major form of social problem.

"All hands must be on deck to check the unpleasant trade which has caused agony to loved ones.


"The NCC will collaborate with NAPTIP in line with its eight-point agenda on strategic partnership and co-operation with other agencies.

"Effort was ongoing to complete the emergency numbers, as the toll-free line 622 would help citizens lodge complaints.

"We are assuring Nigerians that the 112 facility will be in use in most of the states of the federation, including the FCT by the time the project is completed.

"We see it as an important toll-free number that will bring relief to citizens in distress as well as access health care and emergency services.

"It is a very important project and the Federal Government has done the right thing by entrusting the NCC to drive the implementation of this important project in the country," he said.

The commission will also encourage service providers to render assistance in rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.

There is poor awareness campaign on the use of emergency numbers in Nigeria and on human trafficking.

But Okah-Donli wants the NCC to help ensure it could benefit from some of the commission's initiatives such as emergency communication centres, and bulk SMS among others to breach communication gap.

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"We can do this through bulk SMS and other messages, emergency communication centres if you give us the support, this can help us bridge the communication gaps.

"We are also hoping that you will give us three digit numbers for members of the public to use in terms of emergency, so we are thinking we can get something short to help us.

"And we are also appealing that through you, service providers will cooperate with NAPTIP when there is the need to access the call log of a trafficker without much stress," she said.

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