Bosede Mojeed loves to drink and many times she overdoes it to the embarrassment of her husband and other family members.

Mustapha Mojeed who is a grinder machine operator would rather dissolve the 15-year-old marriage between him and his wife Bosede, than put up with her inappropriate behaviour.

He has approached the Customary Court at Ile Tuntun Oja Oba in Ibadan to make his decision legal as Bosede’s 'crimes' are many.

"She fights with our neighbours regularly and this has made the landlord to evict us from the house. She drinks and gets drunk which makes her uncontrollable and she doesn’t take care of the children.

"She insults my mother at will, rains curses on me as well and our families have tried to resolve the issue to no avail.

"She moved out of the house with our three children, but later brought them back to me to cater for them," Mojeed told the court.

Unlike many ‘accused’ persons in similar cases, Bosede admitted that she drinks to stupor and misbehaves a lot when drunk.

"I didn’t intentionally move out of the house, his family members come to the house to beat me up and when I report the incident to him, he says I deserve such treatment from his family.

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“I could not stand all this and had to move out.

"I gave him back the children because whenever they fall sick, he never takes care of them. The family rejected one of my children that he does not belong to them and I sell pure water to survive which is not enough to cater for them.

"When my baby was three months old, my sister-in-law seized my baby and I was unable to breast feed the baby for a whole day," she explained.

The family seemed to be a very honest one as the sister-in-law also refused to deny allegations against her.

"I beat her up because of her constant drinking which is not good for her health and in the upbringing of the children."

Following all the accusations levelled, with everyone admitting their fault, what would you do?

Court president, Chief Olasukanmi Agbaje Henry adjourned the case for more evidence and further hearing.

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