The state of Owo, Ikare-Akoko road in Ondo state has been described by some motorists as a death trap.

Many travelers along this road have become emergency night guards. All they want is for the horror to end.

But many are not all that lucky to get to their destinations.

They are either robbed by men of the underworld, who rely on the privilege of their misfortune, or perish in a fatal accident.

Excuses, accusation and counter-accusation have constantly become the escape route for the state government.

"It is as if this area is not part of this state. Not only that the road is bad, every social amenity that could make us feel the presence of government is completely dead, yet we have representatives in every arm of government." Said Ola Amure.

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For Smart Omodunbi, a commercial driver - it is not advisable for anyone to travel through Owo, Ikare-Akoko road due to several risks involved.

"The last time I travel through the road, I know how much I spent and still spending on my car. The road has totally become an eyesore. It is really a shame on the part of our leaders to be comfortable with the way people are suffering on that road", He lamented.

A top government official confided in our reporter that the road project was awarded twice to contractors by the last administration, but the contract only existed on paper.

"The contractors were mobilised but for a reason best known to them which am sure it could not be other thing than money, nothing was seen on the road.

"Had it been something has been done on it already, by now, it will be consolidated upon. As things stand right now, there is no provision for it in the budget but the government will surely look into how it can bring palliative measure in order to cushion the agonising effect it has on our people", he concluded.

If the position of the state government is anything to go by, the people of the area and road users definitely still have miserable days ahead.

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