As a child, you must have heard tales of how Kwashiorkor was the major force that broke the civil war that attempted to tear Nigeria apart in the late 60s.

That war ended the moment the people in the east were deprived of food supplies, parents have said.

The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) in Chad is using this sme food deprivation to battle the Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria.

It is yielding result, the MNJTF says, highlighting that the leadership of the Boko Haram terrorists group is currently overwhelmed and in disarray.

Colonel Timothy Antigha is the spokesman for the MNJTF and he confirmed the situation in the Chad region in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday.

Antigha said the group was overwhelmed after a sustained air and land attacks in the ongoing "Operation 'Yancin Tafki'" in the Lake Chad region.

He also said ex-fighters, who were "receiving humane attention divulged that morale and fighting spirit of the group’s fighters is very low".

Antigha further quoted ex-fighters as saying that development is as a result of growing insecurity and inability to replenish stranded fighters in the islands with food, medicine and ammunition.

The MNJTF spokesman said an integral part of the operation was a series of "well-coordinated day and night Human Intelligence as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions".

According to him, the missions were being conducted by the Air Forces of the Lake Chad Basin countries- Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.

Antigha explained that this led to devastating air interdiction which destroyed Boko Haram logistic facilities and fighters in Tumbum, Gini, Abadam, Arege, Tumbun rego and Dagaya environs between March 7 and March 11.

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He added that in the last four weeks of the operation, 70 Boko Haram vehicles; mostly gun trucks and facilities such as fuel dumps, weapons and ammunition were destroyed.

"Furthermore, since the commencement of operation Yancin Tafki, several terrorists have surrendered while others are battle-weary and have indicated interest to surrender.

"Morale of fighters is at its lowest, while desperation has also set in, leading to intrigues and in-fighting," Antigha added. 

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