All Mary Njoku wanted was a clean-shaven head for a movie she was to star in.

The movie producer, actress and ROK tv boss, went to a barber’s shop to get a haircut and claims she was racially abused in her own country by the Lebanese barber.

According to her husband and serial entrepreneur, Jason Njoku who explained what happened on Twitter, all she wanted to do was prepare for a film, so she went to get a haircut in Ikeja GRA.

Jayson says the Lebanese barber tending the saloon raised his voice while replying his wife, and said “This is not one of those your Nigerian salons where you people pay 200 Naira for haircut”.

So, she felt upset and called the Police on the ‘offending foreigner’.

At the Police station, after making a complaint, the barber was invited for questioning.

While answering questions at the station, Jayson claims the Lebanese man started with 'he doesn't cut Nigerian hair’, but once they asked about his immigration status he started begging, and even offered his wife, the DPO and everyone connected to the case free haircuts.

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Unfortunately, Jason Njoku says he cuts his own hair, and had made up his mind to cut his wife’s hair by himself, so the barber was ‘on his own’.

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Ending his narration of the incident, Jayson tweeted  "Sigh. Just to clarify. No one accepted the haircut. The case is still with the DPO”

If only the barber had given Mary Njoku, the haircut.

See Jason Njoku's tweets below:

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