He basically fulfilled the Igbo adage "the chameleon said a fire outbreak will not let it forget the walking steps handed it by its ancestors."

The beer has its place. In the glass or in the stomach and not on the floor just because of terrorists.

That was what this British man demonstrated as he escaped the scene of the latest attack in London on Saturday with his glass of beer.

Not a good period for Britain. It has been under constant terror attack recently – three attacks in less than three months.

This attack took place on London bridge and Borough Market, in the heart of the capital, after three men mowed down pedestrians and then ran at people with 12-inch knives, slashing the faces and stomachs of by-standers.

But as people mourn the loss of life – and thoughts turn towards the 48 victims still injured in hospital – there is also an attempt to show that Brits will not bow to terrorists or have their lives changed in any way.

One photo is summing up this ‘life goes on’ motto more than any other: a man fleeing the terror attack with his pint of beer still in his hand.

Howard Mannella shared the photo on Twitter, saying: “People fleeing #London Bridge but the bloke on the right isn’t spilling a drop. God Bless the Brits!”

Armed police stormed bars and restaurants last night and told people to “get down” before screaming at them to clear the area and evacuate.

This man, it seems, wasn’t willing to let the terrorists ruin his night out.