If you still have doubts about the potential of the human brain to understand things without a teacher, here is something that should convince you. 

Oluwatobiloba Sodjete is from Benin Republic, but found a home at Mokoko area of Lagos State, one of the ghettos in Nigeria's mega city, Lagos. 

Tobi is 28 years, but has not been to any formal school. 

Her story is one that still leaves the mind wondering how impossible things could be made possible with the power of the brain. 

For Tobi, reading and writing is just like the 'common sense' that comes with a child knowing how to suckle on their mother's breasts without anyone teaching them. 

She's been able to read and write without any help and says "reading and writing for me is a gift from God.

"You may not believe it just like others whom I have told my story, but I know what I tell you is the truth. 


"I don't need to convince you, but I know it is divine".

Sharing how the divine understanding was tapped into with Bounce News, she traces her steps back to her little age of 10.

Tobi grew up in Danto village in Porto-Novo area of Benin Republic, born into a family of nine - five boys and four girls - with a father who is a priest. 

Her parents could not give her formal education and at 10, she was sent out as a maid to someone. Her struggle through life began at that age.

At 18, this divine reading ability manifested. 

Girl in Makoko can read without going to school
Oluwatobiloba Sodjete said she started reading at the age of 18 without an aid

"My dad was a pastor in Methodist Church and then, my elder sister was still in school.

"I travelled home that time and my dad was trying to teach my aunts some things and he wrote some things on the board, starting from the Ten Commandments - thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill and things like that. It was written in our language, which is Egun.

"When I entered inside the parlour, the first thing my eyes saw was; thou shall not steal and I read it out. My daddy was shocked and he said I should repeat what I just read. I did and he wanted to be sure. So, he gave me a Bible to read.

"He opened the same place and I read it. 

"After then, I could read English and Yoruba and the only language I cannot read so well is French. 

"I could not go to school because I was sent to a family to work as their maid.

"In the first family, they had the intention of sending me to school,  but that did not work out.

"I have never sat in a classroom," she told Bounce News

In our curiosity, we handed her a book written in English Language to read.

We opened a page.

Girl in Makoko can read without going to school

"Make a command to the universe. Let the universe know what you want. The universe responds to your thoughts," she read from the book I gave her. 

Tobi seems to have lost fate in schooling. She feels that at 28, her dream of going to school has been overrun by the events of life. 

She had a dream and she will be willing to pursue that dream if help can come. 

"I used to see myself as being 28 years old, can I still go to shcool? 

"When I think of it, I just give up, like I can't. 

"I will like to go to school if I should see a help. 

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"If I have the opportunity to go to school, I will like to be a lawyer," Tobi, whose looks and composure gave an incline of what exposure could cause, said. 

Her confidence seems to come from her association with people; she is in a choir in a church where she sings.

Her story is unique and highlights how powerful the human brain is. 

Your brain holds the power to create things; even things that do not exist yet are locked up in it. All you need to do is to tap into it daily and don't let it lie domant.