His hands ensured that his team shared the spoil with highly rated Argentine team in their World Cup debut. 

He is Hannes Thor Halldorsson and he is Iceland's goalkeeper. 

Those hands also earned  him the man of the match title after he stopped Lionel Messi's penalty and made a few more saves.  

Messi could not believe it, but it happened anyway, as he stood stunned, wondering how he could have missed that.

He threw away Argentina's chance of earning the maximum three points in their opening game in Russia 2018, many people are saying social media.

One thing that the five-time World Footballer did not know is that Halldorsson had done his homework.

After he was handed his Man of the Match title, he explained how he was able to stop that ball and give his nation a point in the game everyone had given to Argentina. 

“It’s a dream come true for me to have saved that penalty, especially as it helped us gain a point that could be very important for us in trying to qualify from this group,” Halldorsson said in his post-match interview.

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"I did a lot of homework, watching a lot of penalties from Messi.

"And I also looked back at some of the penalties I had faced and what he might be expecting from me. “I had a good feeling he would put it that way,” he added.

FIFA wrote about him: Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear gloves". 

His hands scuttled the man that comes to mind when the hand-of-God is used in a football event, Diego Maradona. 

He was stunned like Messi, as he was captured collapsing into his seat after the man that now wears his jersey number lost a chance of securing the three points for his nation.

And now with the the word "GOAT" trending, Messi is getting bashed on Twitter.