"Madam, how are you? How is the family? Oga and the children?" a man had asked her.

She turned around to see if there was someone else standing there with her unnoticed. But all she saw was a wall. She turned immediately, trying to stop the man from noticing she was surprised at the question.

Suddenly she realised it was her size that had triggered the question.

She was fat and weighed over 90kg, looking way older than her age and more like a woman that had given birth, but she was just 25 years and very single.

Remi Owadokun is a Nigerian and partly a Brazilian.

Her resilience and determination to have a good health had kept her going, until she became a certified health coach.

Now she is a 2-time Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker & Founder of Total Makeover Program, and is doing well in the career she found after losing weight.

Her story is a motivation for those looking to lose weight and gain back years of their life already lost to their size.

Remi had decided to lose weight after she received several embarrassing compliments from persons who meant no harm but were only paying attention to her size.

Remi Owadokun health coach and weight loss

She was not only fat, but she was losing her health to the burden that carrying such weight brings with it.

"The quality of my health had severely deteriorated but after living like that for more than a decade, I had adjusted to it and accepted all my health complications as a part of life.

"I had high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, migraines and prolonged monthly periods. I had met a lot of physicians but none of them attributed these to my weight.

"I had tried to lose weight on my own severally, not because I thought it would improve my health but because I wanted to look good, but I was never motivated for long enough to see results.

"In 2013, however, someone told me I was fat and I was really offended. It served as the motivation I needed to lose 40kg," Remi told Bounce News.

Ten months was all it took her to lose 40kg, and after she lost weight she found a new life and also gained at least 10 years of her life back.

Losing weight had also brought with it financial gain as it opened up a career for Remi, heralding her on a brand new journey.

Turning her weight loss model into a business was not the initial plan but it turned out that the reward that goes with diligence and discipline was waiting.

Remi Owadokun health coach and weight loss


"It was not a decision, it just happened naturally.


"I started blogging about it as a way to keep myself busy and people started getting in touch with me to ask for help," she said, describing how her journey into becoming a certified health coach started.

Obesity is increasing in Nigeria even in children and many persons want to walk out of the excess weight they carry around but have found it so hard to.

Remi has an advice for you.

"Most programmes focus on just food and exercise. But we don't believe this is always effective and sustainable except your mind experiences a makeover.  

"We focus on equipping the individual to identify the things that are enabling an unhealthy lifestyle and then we equip the individual to manage it in order to make healthier choices and lose weight as a result," she said.


"Decide that you want to be healthy and have a better life," the Total Makeover Programme founder stressed.