Most times, victims of rape find it extremely difficult to speak out, for obvious reasons.

Some who have the guts to speak out, do so after trying to dust off the painful and disgusting experience.

For 14-year old Favour Okugbo, she summons the courage of sharing her experience after one month of the incident.

Favour narrated that she went to the farm to fetch vegetable when a Fulani herdsman attacked her, surrounding her with his cows, and told her that if she allows him to have sex with her, he would give her N700.

She said when she refused, he started chasing her, overpowered and raped her.

“I went to the farm to fetch vegetables when I was attacked by a ‎Fulani herdsman. He came to our farm with his cows and cross the cow ‎around, he asked me if I am with water and food, I said no.

"He now went and got more cows to surround me, he told me that if I allow him to ‎have sex with me, he will give me N700. I refused and started ‎running away. He chased me and used the back of his cutlass on my back, so I fell and he raped me.''

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She said there was the need for government to look into activities of ‎Fulani herdsmen in Umuifi community in order to avert any negative ‎episode involving young girls in the near future.

“I feel sad, I want the government to come to my aid as young girls like me are no longer safe to go the farm and help our parent, ‎government should make sure the arrested Fulani herdsmen is prosecuted ‎according to the law," she appealed.

The incident was confirmed by the Chairman of the community, Festus ‎Nwachukwu, who condemned the unwholesome activities of Fulani herdsmen in Umuifi ‎Anioma-Isu community.

"I came back from church on Sunday of 9th April and learnt that ‎this girl was raped by a Fulani man when she went to the farm to get ‎vegetables, and that if she refuses he will kill her, he used the knives to beat her on the back and then raped her.

“What has happened is an abomination in our land, the man has damaged the fertility of the land and we are going to use cows, fouls and many cartons of beers and palm wine to bless the land," he noted.

As at press time, Ebonyi State Police Command Spokesperson, ASP Loveth Oda, who said the matter has not been reported to her, assured that police would investigate.

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