The next time you want to buy a used phone, before you hand the money over, just have at the back of your mind that it could be a stolen phone whose owner may have been murdered.

Hector Oluwaseun Joberteh’s death was reported less than 2 weeks ago and since then a hunt for his killers have been on.

He was shot by gunmen, but as his body was being laid to rest in Ibadan, his killers were being paraded by the police in Lagos.

A series of events had led to their arrest, the police said while giving reporters update on the hunt for the killers of the former winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search reality show. 

After Hector was killed, his killers took his phone and the quest for more money made them sell the phone to another man, whom the police first arrested.

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Outside where the press conference held, was the buyer of the phone, the first suspect. He was in tears, claiming he was not the one that killed Hector but that he knew the persons that sold the phone to him.

“If I had known I should not have bought the phone,” were apparently the words running through his mind, as he continues to claim ignorance of the situation.

After several interrogations by the police, he led the police to the another set of suspects that sold the phone to him.

The police then arrested them.

They were also paraded along other suspected criminals in Lagos State on Thursday.

A dog was also arrested by the police with its owners whom police alleged used the dog to rob people, especially women.

See the photo of the dog named Bullet.

Dog that aids robbery in Lagos State.