It happens in movies, You see it sometimes and conclude it is film trick.

A man without a gun disarming one with a gun that had threatened to kill anyone who comes near. Yes! That kind of scene. 

The difference between a movie and what happened in Bayelsa on Thursday is that only the man usually referred to as at the ‘actor’ in a movie dares that act.

Most times people say because he was the major character in a movie.

Was this particular Bayelsa young man’s confidence in God, himself or on a voodoo?

Only him knows, but the catch of the story is that he saved the day like PJ Masks do in children's cartoon.

Crime rate is increasing in Bayelsa’s capital city and this incident shows just how bad things had become.

bayelsa armed robber disarmed by fearless man
The Boutique the robber attempted to steal from

It was a daylight robbery, but everything went wrong when the gun one of the robbers had was not really a threat to even the owner of a boutique at Okaka Junction that they had come to rob.

The location became tense at about 3:00 p.m. on Thursday when a two-man gang of robbers walked into the boutique like persons that had come to buy cloths.

The owner of the shop, hoping that he was about to make sales, walked in after them. One of the robbers pulled a gun at the him, threatening to shoot.

shopping voucher

Eyewitnesses said shouts of “thief o! thief o!” startled them, forcing them to rush to the scene.

The owner of the boutique, a physically challenged man, managed to come out of his shop while he continued to call attention of more persons.  

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At this point, the armed bandits, who were already by the entrance of the shop shouted: "If anybody come here, l go kill this man" while pointing the pistol at the owner of the shop.

bayelsa armed robber disarmed by fearless man
The owner of the boutique shut his store in the midst of the chaos

Almost immediately, a young man from the crowd that had gathered in front of the shop, defied the gunman’s warning.

He ran towards the thief quickly and disarmed him.

The angry crowd descended on him. 

During that confusion, his accomplice escaped unnoticed. He was near jungle justice when officials of the Nigeria Police Force arrived at the scene. 

Mr Ezeka , a restaurant owner near the boutique narrated what happened to Bounce News.

"We were all sitting outside because of heat when two boys walked into his boutique. 

"He went to attend to them and the next thing we heard was thief o! help me o! 

"We all ran towards his shop and saw a gunman,” he said.

Another eyewitness who identified herself simply as Antarah highlighted how scary the situation had become.

She said: “This one na small na (this is a minor situation).

bayelsa armed robber disarmed by fearless man
The robber injured by passers-by who had descended on him

“Our Yenagoa don bad finish (Yenagoa’s security issues has increased).

"Na so dey rob us for my hair salon (This was how ere were robbed in my salon). The collect our phones and money ". 

One of the police officials who identified himself simply as Mustapha expressed worries at the desire of young Nigerians to get wealth at all cost.

“This trend is bad. 

"We catch young boys and girls between 12-39 years that engage in stealing, raping, drug abuse, etc.

“Okaka prison is almost full,” he highlighted.  

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Some Keke operators at the scene are not also spared in the growing trend of daylight robbery at gunpoint.

bayelsa armed robber disarmed by fearless man
He was already stripped

Some of them who had been robbed narrated their ordeal in the hands of armed robbers.

"We will hustle, idiots like him, will rob us at gun point in the evening. Kill him now," they demanded.

This is one of the several cases of armed robbers’ attacks within Yenagoa.

After he was handed over to the police, he was handcuffed and taken to Ekeki police station.

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