The Nigerian government may be attempting to create the 8th wonder of the world.

It wants to build a smart city but the country is still in the dark.

State authorities cannot even boast of basic supply of required energy for domestic consumption.

Despite these realities, the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, says the country can still pull this off.

He said Nigeria will start the initiative by hosting a ‘smart cities summit’ in June which is also part of efforts by the Federal Government to develop the ICT sector to diversify the economy.

Shittu disclosed this in an interview the newsmen on the sidelines of the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

The minister, who said the plan is to replicate the ICT transformation of Rwanda in Nigeria, said the “Smart Cities Nigeria 2017 Summit” has been scheduled for June 28 and 29.

In reality, there is no smart city without electricity. As an urban development vision, it integrates in ICT and Internet of Things (IoT) technology in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets.

So, it remains to be seen how the government plans to take this beyond exciting sound bites.

Rwanda, which Nigeria is trying to copy, is spearheading the Smart City initiative and has rolled out several developments such as WiFi in public areas, including public transport vehicles, and cashless payment systems in public transport.

Currently, the initiative is backed by 18 African countries while more nations including Nigeria are expected to join.