You must have seen or handled a dirty 100 Naira note introduced as the anniversary legal tender in Nigeria. 

These dirty Naira notes are now causing fights and drawing blood from the veins of Nigerians, reminding us of the more reason we should handle our Naira notes with care. We know the value is still low compared to some other currency, but that should not be a reason to treat it without care.

The most endangered species are the anniversary 100 Naira and then the 200 Naira notes. 

On Saturday, a commercial motorcyclist, popularly called Okada in Lagos, almost lost his life when a dirty Naira note caused trouble between him and his passenger who was a woman. 

Disagreement between the commercial motorcyclist and his passenger began when he handed the lady a dirty 100 Naira note. 

The disagreement turned bloody as irate youths beat the cyclist to a state of comma.

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The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the cyclist, identified as Okon Akpan, had conveyed his passenger, also identified as Miss Titilope Fatai, from Okokomaiko to Iyanoba market for a fee of 200 Naira.

Trouble however started when Fatai gave the cyclist 500 Naira but when Akpan gave his passenger her 300 Naira balance, made up of 200 Naira and 100 Naira Notes, the lady returned the 100 Naira Note and requested for replacement on the grounds that it was “too dirty”.

A heated argument ensued, as the cyclist insisted he did not have a neater Note to replace the ‘smelling’ one as demanded by his passenger.

As Akpan tried to leave without reaching an accord, the lady slapped him and he in return, started beating her.

Unkown to the cyclist, the lady was popular among the street unchains around, who in turn, reacted by also giving Akpan a thorough beating to a state of unconsciousness, and thereafter dispersed.

His fellow commercial motorcyclists had to come to his rescue, after which they took him to an undisclosed hospital.

A Traffic Policeman at the scene, Mr Uzochukwu Amadi, described as ‘dreadful’ the behaviour of the youth.

Reacting to the incident, a lecturer with the Lagos State University, Dr Kaka Afolabi, appealed to the Central Bank of Nigeria to inject new Naira Notes into the system, adding that the current ones in circulation were ‘eye sores’.

“We expect the authorities concerned to act quickly before more Nigerians fall victims of dirty Naira Notes.

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“Our present 100 Naira is the worse; it is no longer durable and its acceptability has become subject of debates during transactions, thereby leading to quarrels in most cases,’’ he noted.

Please, handle our Naira notes with care because they are fragile. Thank you.