A means of identification that can be tracked using technology is what Nigeria needs to combat crime effectively.

Such approach will also help to engender more trust in online businesses.

This was the position of Mr Tony Ojobo, who is the Public Affairs Director of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) while speaking on Digital Trackable Identity in Lagos.

Speaking at the Public Relations Directors’ Summit, organised by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) on Monday, Ojobo described trackable identity as the ability to identify an individual through some natural physiological features, as may be shown by photographs or marks and such other characteristics.

According to him, ‘today, it is being more associated with the ability to identify a particular person in cyberspace, or in electronic devices which offers digital identification.

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“The scope of trackable identity is being widened within the digital world to include tracking objects with application of tags that could be linked to a mobile phone or other devices.

“Advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have given a new definition and application to trackable identity.

“Therefore, trackable identity, in this context, could be called, digital identity,” he said.

Ojobo said that identity had become a commodity, as people created data bases of identities to enable them target specific segments or define characteristics of such markets.

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