COSON has promised to ensure that Ras Kimono is buried like the great star that he is and that his memory is never forgotten.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) is the organization responsible for ensuring that revenue from musical artistes’ works get to them while alive and goes to their family after their death.

The news of the reggae icon’s death left members and management of the organization in shock on Sunday, according to COSON Head of Public Affairs, Chibueze Okereke.

This is also because Ras Kimono Onwubuya was a member of the society and frontline member of the COSON Board.

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They have quickly announced the following steps taken as they observe a mourning period for one of their own:

From Monday morning, flags begin to fly at half-mast at COSON House in Ikeja.

A condolence register will also be opened at COSON House for lovers of Kimono to personally express their feelings at the loss of the Rub- a- Dub Master.

On the many TV screens at COSON House, there will be continuous replay of the great performances of Ras Kimono including his unforgettable performance at the last COSON Song Awards.

COSON Chairman, Tony Okoroji also said: “Everyone at COSON is devastated because we all loved Ras Kimono who stood firmly for our cause...

“I can assure everyone that COSON will ensure that Kimono is buried like the great star that he was and that his memory is never forgotten”.

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