Almost every day, a couple of fake news is thrown at Nigerians, with many not able to discern and sieve the information to identify what makes the news fake. 

On the other side of the divide is hate speech which the Nigerian government kicks against and had at some point, initiated monitoring of social media to check its growing trend. 

On Thursday, the 67th International Press Institute (IPI) World Congress opened in Abuja and President Muhammadu Buhari was there.

In his speech, the President highlighted that the changing media landscape, the explosion of the social media and the rapidly evolving new technology have had a profound impact on media business and media practice. 

“It is satisfying, therefore, that you have chosen an appropriate theme for your conference: Why Good Journalism Matters: Quality Media for Strong Societies. 

“In a world where the borderline between hate speech and free speech has become blurred, good journalism matters. 

“In an environment where fake news dwarfs investigative reporting, Good Journalism Matters,” the President told the gathering,” President Buhari stated.   

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He further highlighted that “for survival in an increasingly competitive field, Good Journalism Matters”. 

The journalists were tasked on tackling fake news and hate speech, with the President highlighting that “good journalism promotes Good Governance”.

President Buhari also asked them to give depth to the topic in their discussions and conclusions. 

Nigeria has had to battle insurgency for more than eight years now, with the heat mostly in the north eastern part of the nation. 

The activities of Boko Haram have become a thing that slips into the daily news served to Nigerians, but the President told the participants of the International Press Institute (IPI) world congress that Boko Haram, which has been technically degraded, had no territorial hold anywhere, anymore, in its northeast operational base. 

“The Internally Displaced Persons are gradually returning to their communities in reasonable safety and security.

“It is a reflection of your assessment of Nigeria as a safe country that you gave the country the hosting right for this conference.

“As you have seen since your arrival, you made a wise and right choice,” he added.