One of the world’s headaches right now is illegal immigration.

Nigeria is affected in more ways than one as thousands of its citizens trek across the desert in search of greener pastures in Europe.

To tackle this challenge, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is calling for a process that will see to the removal of illegal migrants from West Africa from wherever they may be.

President Buhari who spoke at the opening of the 52nd ordinary session of ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government held in Abuja on Saturday, said the process when created, would assist in addressing the menace of illegal migration by citizens of ECOWAS member countries.

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“In view of the enormity of this challenge, I suggest that we look into the possibility of putting in place a well-run regional mechanism for the evacuation, resettlement and empowerment of stranded ECOWAS citizens abroad.

“We should also step up dialogue with our European partners to jointly address this challenge which affect us all.

“The long-term solutions to these challenges are to create conditions for peace and security in our countries and ensure sustainable development of our economies.

“Only through this can we create jobs and other conditions in which our youths will have little or no excuse to embark on the suicidal venture of irregular migration,” Buhari said.

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