Baba Ibeji has been warned against his insatiable desire for quick money, but he has refused to hear word.

Despite being a trained mechanic, he has refused to work. He would rather spend time in lottery shops hoping to hit a jackpot with little investment.

Not only has he remained broke, he has also lost his marriage to this gambling addiction as his wife had to leave him and relocated from Ilesa to Ifewara with their three children.

To keep body and soul together, he became a commercial motorcycle rider after a bike was given to him on higher purchase.

He is expected to pay for the bike in installments over a period from his daily earnings from transporting passengers within Ilesa town in Osun state.

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On Thursday, September 6, he went to play golden chance Lotto as usual and while he was at it, the bike he was yet to pay for disappeared.

The hilarious scene played out Enu-Odi area of Ijebu-Jesa, Osun state where eyewitnesses described to Bounce News how he stepped out of the shop acting like someone under a spell in search of his bike.

Attempts to reach Baba Ibeji for comment have been unsuccessful and there has been no news of the bike’s recovery.

The lotto shop operator confirmed the incident but claimed that Baba Ibeji was patronizing him for the first time and it was also the first time such incident was happening to his customer.

Who stole Baba Ibeji’s okada? Could it be someone playing with his mind just to teach him a lesson? If not, then he is in real big trouble.

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