The Buhari government has been chasing after some politically exposed person who allegedly stole billions of naira while in office.

The chase has yielded very few results compared to the allegations and claimed magnanimity of the sums stolen .

This is why the government is reaching out to American authorities to increase its assistance in the fight against corruption.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said this approach is the government’s latest plan to make the looters return all monies stolen.

Osinabjo, who said this during the visit of a U.S. Congressional Delegation to the Presidential Villa, noted that both countries are working on a prompt repatriation of the funds.

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“We have reached out to the US government with respect to helping with repatriation of proceeds of crime and proceeds of corruption,” Osinabjo said.

Osinbajo, who was appreciative of the support given by the U.S. so far said the Buhari administration regards “corruption as an existential threat’’ that must be dealt with at its root.

“We have worked quite closely with the U.S. government on repatriation of funds. We have seen some results,’’ he said, adding that the Federal Government expects more improvement in the process.

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