Uche Dibie, 24, knows the streets like the back of his hands.

He is worried that despite keeping himself busy with making clothes and going to the National Open University in the day time, and being a waiter at a prestigious hotel at night, there is no escape.

He says he sees them in dark corners, within his compound he reside and at bus stops.

Uche says he does not want to end up like his former friend, 21-year-old Kenneth, who succumbed to peer pressure.

The fact that he was epileptic made him a target for rejection, so proving that he belonged must have been important to him.

To prove his 'manhood' Kenneth  drank gutter water at the Durak Hotel located in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Gutter water is a mixture of codeine, refnol, tramadol, weed and water or juice to taste.

He did not live to tell the story, so we cannot ask him what specific events led to his untimely death.

Meanwhile, Musendiku Christian hacked his grandmother to death because she would not allow him smoke his weed in peace.

In the city of Lagos, the drug culture was synonymous with dark corners, notorious streets, nondescript motels and mysterious dealers, in the 80's and 90's.

For some young people today, the drug culture has been sewn into the garment of everyday life.

This is what worries Uche, and he shares his heartache with Bounce News.

"You can get high with just 50 Naira.

"Despite the well known fact that drug abuse is harmful and some of the substances are actually illegal.

"Buying a roll of SK (Indian hemp) is as cheap as 50 Naira", he said.

This drug madness, which has become quite popular across the country, has also earned the attention of the National Assembly.

Bounce News investigation revealed that a sachet of 120mg of Tramadol costs 100 Naira.

Refnol, which is harder to come by, also costs 100 Naira per sachet.

One of the biggest weapons in the drug arsenal of a 'science student' is codeine, which can be gotten at some local chemist without doctors prescription, for as low as 700 Naira.

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, used to be a 'science student'. She confessed this during an interview and says she took codeine to fight depression.

Uche who works in a hotel on the Lagos Island says even things like cocaine and crystal meth (crystal methamphetamine) which are higher drugs of choice can be sold for 1,000 Naira.

"Things like meth and Cocaine are not accessed easily. The dealers don't sell to just anyone and the least is gotten for between  N800 and N1000" he told Bounce News.

For 'Science Students' who do not want to smoke or snort their way to highness, they have turned to drinking it in cocktails.

For 'Science Students' who want to experiment, they have tried some really weird things.

"Some go as far as inhaling insecticide and sewer tanks. Some have tried inhaling dead cockroaches or tried drinking methylated spirit mixed with Cola" Uche told Bounce News.

How do we save Uche Dibie, and this rising drug fueled generation?