Williams Nwosu , a house keeper, just proved that a simple act of honesty really goes a long way.

He was blessed by a man who appreciated his honesty after he found and returned his lost property.

He was rewarded with a brand new Honda Civic car.

Chidiebere Nwaubani, a UAE based businessman, felt that he was down on his luck after he accidentally lost his luggage containing some valuables items including business documents and an undisclosed amount of money both in Naira and foregeign currencies

Nwosu, who just lost his taxi driving job, had no money when he spotted the luggage.

Rather than use it to buy himself some food, he went straight to Nwaubani's office and handed the luggage back with the money still inside.

According to a Facebook post, Nwaubani, who could not hide his joy, decided to reward Nwosu with a car to continue with his taxi driving job.

Nwaubani said: " Though the bag contain some valuables, what moved me to reward Nwosu was his show of bravery and honesty.

In his response, Nwosu, a father of five , who now works as a house keeper, said he never envisaged owning a car after his lost his driving job.

Asked why he did not tampered with some of the valuables, Nwosu said he was not brought up that way.

Stories such as Nwosu's just show how an act of kindness directed towards other people can inspire them to be more kind to everyone else.