We're here for the blazer dress - trendy, versatile and uber stylish, the blazer dress can take a gal from zero to hundred with the flick of an eye.

Asides the stylishness of the blazer dress, we absolutely love its versatility - it's formal enough to be worn as a day outfit to work, and dressy enough to transform to an after-work attire which can be worn for drinks or dinner with friends/colleagues or even bae.

There's also the fact that the blazer dress gives us major retro vibes - 80's fashion anyone?

That said, we'll let the photos do all the talking on why you should invest in a blazer dress today.

1. Style influencer, Olar Slim makes a strong statement in her blazer dress

Photo credit: Instagram/olarslim

2. Omotola brings a twist to her blazer dress

Photo credit: KOKOTV

3. Switch it up

Photo credit: Bella Naija

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