Sergio Ramos’s goal scoring record in big games shows he is used to being something of a solo act and he has now exhibited that on the mic by releasing a music single.

The 32-year old no nonsense defender has dropped his debut rap composition ‘SR4’ little more than a week ahead of Real’s Champions League final against Liverpool in Kiev.

Revealing the news on his Instagram page, the Real Madrid Captain indicated that there would be more to come from Sergio the singer: “My house, some friends, plenty of magic and this is the result. My life in a song… and lots of verses still to write.”

The lyrics by Ramos include brags about being "the MVP of the Champions League" and "the best defender on the globe", "with long hair or with a beard, this kid is from another league."

It remains to be seen whether or not Ramos will hit the right notes in his new adventure into music.