Ukawu Community Secondary School is the only public secondary school in the community.

‎Over the years, the building became dilapidated and the roofs pulled off by wind as the students are packed in two classrooms.

This has brought sadness to the Principal of Ukawu Secondary School in Onicha local government area of Ebonyi State, Omaka Nnachi, who has now blamed the poor condition of the school on the negligence by the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB) in th‎e state.

Nnachi made the accusation on the heels that he had informed ‎the Board about deteriorated classrooms in the area, and how students are packed in one room since wind blew off the roof.

According to him, the situation has created room for hoodlums to cart away school facilities.

"The building was pulled down by storm, and apart from that, because of age, some of the classrooms need re-touching.

"When we saw what happened, we reported to the coordinator of Ukaba Development Centre, Hon. Elom John.

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"But till now, we have been waiting and nothing has happened. We have reported to the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB), but there is still no response.

"So, the Parent Teachers' Association (PTA) decided we cannot be waiting, that something must be done.

"So irrespective of the peanuts the students pay after PTA levy, we decided to embark on the re-roofing of the classrooms.

"If you look around, you will see that the two existing buildings are being re-roofed by PTA. No other person has given us financial assistance.

"This building you see has made the classrooms to be open. Students seats, lockers, stools and even the one we got from UBEB when school close, hoodlums or people around come to the school and destroy school property.

"If the classrooms have keys, after learning we will lock them and go home. It is affecting our learning and teaching. Even the white board we got from UBEB, we cannot mount it because if you do, they will take it.

‎"The students need to be comfortable. Like if you look around, if we have enough classrooms, each class will take 50 or 40 pupils, but now, students are jam packed because of lack of enough classrooms.

"If the teacher is teaching, some of them will be making noise because a teacher will not be able to control a class of 80 students. So, it is a very big impediment to our learning and teaching.

"The state government should come to our aid by renovating ‎this building and if possible a new one with administrative building and staff quarters", he appealed.

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