The world came together when  12 boys from a Thailand soccer team and their coach got stuck in a flooded cave for about 2 weeks.

Aged between about 11 and 17, the members of the Wild Boars football team in Thailand had entered the cave system during an excursion with their 25 year old coach, and got trapped, and had to be rescued by deep sea divers.

The boys were eventually rescued, along with their coach, and now Hollywood wants to tell this incredible story.

Pure Flix Entertainment, a faith-based production company, has indicated plans to make the movie.

The CEO of the company, Michael Scott, has reportedly moved to live in Thailand temporarily to research the story for the film.

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Director Jon M. Chu of “Crazy Rich Asians” is another person who has revealed plans to make the story into a movie.

He’s reportedly working with Ivanhoe Pictures, in cooperation with the Thai Navy and government, to tell this heartwarming story.

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