For several decades, there has been a superiority tussle between the two royal stools of Ijesha land and Ile-Ife.

The Ooni of Ife and the Owa Obokun are not known to be friends but history has now been re-written.

The Owa Obokun of Ijesha land, His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr. Gabriel Aromolaran visited the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II at his Ile Odua palace in Ile Ife.

The Owa came with a large entourage of monarchs, chiefs from Ijesaland alongside prominent Ijesa sons and daughters.

He expressed great joy at the renewed friendship between the mornachs and described the Ooni of Ife stool, currently occupied by Adeyeye Ogunwusi, as a revered stool which all true sons and daughters of Yoruba extraction hold in high esteem.

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On the reason for the historic visit, Oba Aromolaran said "I'm here to personally invite Ooni to my 80th birthday coming up in October.

"I want to celebrate my four scores birthday on planet earth; and I see that I cannot do such without informing His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife.

"After deliberations at home with my children, the Obas, chiefs, and prominent Ijesas children at home and in diaspora; it was unanimously decided that Ooni of Ife should be the Royal Father of the day," he said.

The visit, which was the first by the Owa Obokun to the Ooni in many years was turned into a celebration of sort as the two monarchs danced and sang to the delight of their subjects.

The visit is also seen by many as one of the results of the campaign for peace among traditional institutions in Yorubaland and the black race in general.

This message of unity has been consistently propagated by the Ooni of Ife since his ascension to the throne.

To this, the Owa-Obokun added that he sees the Ooni of ife "as God's chosen for this generation as his programme of 'peace' preaching around the globe is what is needed at this time".

"Henceforth, I don't want to segregate. Whatever they are doing in Ife; I will be part of it because you are my siblings," he said.

The Ooni, Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, appreciated God for sparing the life of Oba Adekunle Aromolaran to witness eighty years on earth.

"Though, you are eighty but you look boyish dancing with all your might. I pray to God to grant Owa more years on the throne with good health," he said.

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