On a sunny afternoon on October 2, in Ilesa, Osun State, Mrs Ruth David suddenly discovered her phone and some money had developed wings and flown away.

Naturally, there must be suspects and the only person she could pick was Iya Bose Onijedi, who usually visits her home to charge her phone.

Iya Bose is a widow, so she also stays back to watch movies and save herself from boredom.

But she explained that she might not have money, but she would not take what does not belong to her. But Mrs David would have none of that.

Iya Bose headed to the palace of the king to report what she said was a wrong accusation capable of tarnishing her image.

Mrs Ruth was summoned by the king and the palace guards were ordered to bring her to the palace.

But this was where the matter turned dramatic and hilarious.

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When the palace messenger got to Mrs David, she started screaming that they could settle the matter without getting to palace or police station.

She started weeping bitterly because she had been told that when she gets to the palace they would ask both to swear at the shrine of Ogun (god of iron).

After having a good laugh, the people around started feeling pity for the accuser who had suddenly become the guilty and they had to beg Iya Bose to forgive Mrs David for she knew not what she did.

Unfortunately, the palace messenger must respect only the king. So, he insisted she must follow him, and the matter can be settled before the king.

While all this went on, Iya Bose also reminded neighbours how Mrs David always buys alcohol on credit from her.

Apparently, the relationship between the ladies has been symbiotic, but Mrs Ruth forgot this in the heat of her anger over the missing phone and money.

Mrs David's fear, however, is that if it turned out that it was not Iya Bose that stole her phone, the Ogun will come after her. 

She eventually went to the palace and people are waiting to see how Ogun will respond to the issue. 

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