Libido was high and papa wanted to offload like a young chap.

His emotions quickly swallowed up his knowledge of his age and the signal he received below his belt, kept urging him to devour her to fulfil his promise or make good his boasts.  

But at 65, there is a limit to how much a man should romp with a lover whose sex drive drags a man who thinks he is a stallion to an early grave. 

He was identified as Mr Obi Nwoda and he has transitioned to the great beyond while having sex at a hotel in Awka, the Anambra capital city.

Mr Nwoda checked into the hotel with one Ms Ifeoma Ayinka aged 34, but only Ifeoma came out of the hotel. 

According to the management of the hotel, Anyinka was leaving the hotel alone and when she was forced to go back to the room where the man, Obi Nwuda, was seen lying unconscious.

The incident was reported at B Division Police Station where the DPO, Mr Odion Ekeinde, led a Patrol Team to move the unconscious man to a private hospital.

Obi was declared dead on arrival at the hospital and his corpse photographed and deposited in the mortuary.

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Confirming the incident, the spokesman for the police, Mr Mohammed Haruna, in Anambra, said the lady was arrested and that she had confessed that the deceased died while having sex with her.

Haruna described the death as sudden and unnatural, adding that it occurred in November 10 at about 8.15 p.m.

"Victim was rushed to Apex Hospital, Awka, where he was confirmed dead on arrival by the medical doctor.

"The corpse was photographed and deposited at the hospital morgue for autopsy.

"The woman alleged that the victim collapsed while making love to her.

"She was subsequently arrested and the case is under investigation to ascertain circumstances surrounding the incident," he said.

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