Marriage is a long-term relationship and must be carefully thought through (even though this is equally impossible).

The most important element in marriage are the two parties involved – man (husband) and woman (wife).

The issue of age brackets is one of the many things that has kept some people stuck in singlehood.

Most ladies will prefer an older man for a life partner, and most guys wants a younger woman.

But there are some positive reasons why the woman should be older.


NAN spoke to some people who argued that emotional maturity is a core virtue needed to sustain a relationship and older women possess it.

A lawyer, Godfrey Chukukere, told NAN that men sustaining relationships with women younger tends to be more difficult since such women are fond of laying emphases on trivial issues.

He said that a man marrying an older woman, on the average, meant marrying an older and more mature person.

“Having a relationship with an older woman is simply the best thing that a younger, vibrant and ambitious man should consider.

“An older women will give every support a young man needs in every regard, especially, emotional stability,” he said.


Sex, good sex, is one of the goodies to be enjoyed at all times in marriage.

Opeoluwa Shodupe, a guidance and counselling officer, said sexual desires and compatibility are driving forces that could lure older women to younger men.

She said women with strong sexual appetites prefer younger men because they have the stamina to satisfy their sexual desires.

“Every woman wants a man that is good in bed and they will do everything to have and keep such men.

“Why will a woman marry a man who is older and weak to satisfy her sexually, when a woman can go for a younger man whom she can pamper and he, in return, will meet her desires?”

She added that younger men preferred to stick to older women who had enough resources to splash on them and stay faithful.

“In Nigerian parlance, cash-loaded women who are ready to spend their monies on young men are called `Sugar Mummies’.

“Such relationships are a give-and take-relationship with the women ready to spend lavishly on the men.

“The men while reciprocating will use their energies to satisfy such women sexually,” she said.

Life expectancy

A banker, Onome Agbawe, pointed that with the life expectancy of women higher than those of men by some years, it was important for women to marry younger men that would possibly outlive them.

“Most women live way longer than their husbands and for me I will not want to live too long after my man is dead.

“So, it is ideal to marry someone you are older than by some years so that, all things being equal, and at old age, you will die between very short periods of each other, if possible together,” she said.

So ladies, if you are comfortable with the reasons above, and if you find love in a younger man, go ahead.

A recent case of a younger man getting married to an older woman is Prince Harry, 33, and former Meghan Markle ,36.

Also, President Emmanuel Macron of France is 40 and his wife Brigitte Macron is 65.