Some Nigerian babes would say, “Na only boyfriend full outside, no husband among them.”

But women are getting married every single weekend and weekday sef, with some seriously lavish and badass weddings. So where did they find their own husbands? From heaven?

A good man is trustworthy

If you’re one of those searching for Mr. Right and you want to be double sure that you’ve found him, read our candid tips below and tick your checklist as you go.
1. He’s a family guy: He’s homely, loves kids and acts like your husband already. He definitely sees marriage in his future with you and he’s got some hands-on knowledge and skills about running a home. He understands the importance of family and he respects and appreciates your people.

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2. He is financially stable: He’s not feeding from hand to mouth because he has a steady source of income, so he’s got what it takes to have his own family when he’s ready. He doesn’t depend on you to come through with some money for him before he can meet up with important commitments. He’s okay!

3. He is trustworthy: He is 100% honest with you and never gives you a reason to doubt him. Trust is an important ingredient in every relationship, and a man you want to spend the rest of your life with must be trustworthy. That’s one quality that money can’t buy.

4. He appreciates and respects you: When you find you a man who genuinely respects you and treats you like a bona fide queen, he’s a keeper. He is your number one fan and cheers you on every milestone you hit in your career and every other aspect of your life. He always sees the best in you and encourages you to be better every time.

5. He has a fantastic sense of humour: Women love men that can make them laugh. An ideal husband material knows when to be serious, but when it also comes to being goofy, he can make you laugh your sock off. He always makes hanging out with him worth your while.

(Bonus) He’s awesome between the sheets: Please, let’s not even pretend as if the sex isn’t important, because it is. Except of course, if you both choose to be celibate before getting married (which is great also). If he’s got all the qualities listed above and his sex skills are A+, girrrlll you’ve hit the jackpot!