Around 10 O’clock on Tuesday morning, footages of billowing smoke circulated on Twitter and other social media channels.

Many people were not sure what it was, but it eventually turned out that the smoke was a result of fire outbreak at Ecobank headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Luckily, men of Lagos fire service arrived on time to put out the fire. No casualty was reported.

It had been thought that the bank building was burning, but that wasn’t the case at all, according to a tweet from the lender’s official Twitter handle, @Ecobank_nigeria.

The bank explained the in the tweet that the fire was caused by diesel delivery truck, and that the fire affected only the truck and a generator.

It then shared a footage of the executive team of the bank stepping out of the bank building after tanker fire outbreak.

It also added that no one was hurt, the building remained intact “and business as usual continues... with a bit of extra fire power”.

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