Every year, Pitchfork, one of the digital era’s most influential music sites puts together a list that explores the music of a particular decade.

In 2002, they curated the top 100 albums from the '80s, however, they've decided to revise the list.

On the new list, which celebrates the top 200 albums from the 80’s has   Fela’s iconic LP, Coffin For Head Of State on the top 100, ranking at number 96.

British-Nigerian singer, Sade Adu has two albums in the top 40; Stronger Than Pride (37) & Diamond Life (10).

Fela's music till date is still appreciated around the world.

He did not only create the Afrobeat genre, he also created the ‘jump off’ point for Afropop- which is presently the most popular sound in Nigeria.

Speaking about why they created a new list, the Editor-in-Chief of Pitchfork, Ryan Schreiber said: "In the 16 years since Pitchfork first published its Top 100 Albums of the 1980s feature, its purview of music has evolved to encompass a broader range of artists and genres.

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"Now feels like the right time to explore that era’s vast breadth of talent and re-examine what it means to us today and how its musical output will continue to influence artists in the decades ahead."

Well, if any Nigerians were going to make it on that list, it had to be these two. This is one more reason to get Fela’s music if you do not have it already.

Get the full list HERE

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