As part of recession's multiplier effect, recharge card sellers in Nigeria are engaging in a rip-off, selling cards to end users higher than the unit that it provides.

MTN recharge cards are some of those sold higher than the supposed price.

The telecoms company is asking Nigerians to kick against such acts by refusing to pay higher prices.

From the company's statement, it is obvious that recession has not affected the price of recharge cards.

“The company had not increased prices of recharge cards,” MTN’s Public Relations and Protocol Manager, Mr Funso Aina, said in a statement on Friday in Lagos.

“MTN Nigeria hereby use this medium to inform all its subscribers that it has not increased the prices of recharge cards.

“The cost of recharge cards remain the face value stated on the physical vouchers.

“Any increment from any quarters across the country on our recharge cards is without our knowledge,” Aina said.

What Options Are Available?

He said that the telecommunications provider had taken quick steps to ensure compliance on sales of its recharge cards at the stated face value.

“While we are working assiduously to resolve claims of illegal increases, we apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this might have caused.

“Alternatively, we advise our customers to explore other options of purchasing airtime such as MTN Virtual Top Up (VTU), Diamond Yello Account (DYA) or MTN Auto Top-up,” AINA said.

The service provider has been sending Short Messaging Service (SMS) to its customers on the purported increase on prices of recharge cards.

It reads: “Dear customer, please do not agree to pay more than the amount that is printed on any MTN recharge card. Remember – what you see is what you pay!”.