'Ire'(goodness) by Adekunle Gold speaks to everyone who is alive-rich,poor, happy or sad.

It speaks to every  soul who have worked hard to achieve their dreams, and to everyone in search of greener pastures on the other side.

Here are 4 life lessons that listeners can learn  from  this obvious classic from a golden boy.

1. The grass is not always  greener on the other side

We always feel it is working better for our friends or other people who we know, but cannot see, and  sometimes feel jealous, that they are on the life's wrong lane.

'With 'Ire' Adekunle Gold reminds listeners that the 'so called' greener grass, might not be on the other side.

 "The grass is greener on the other side/ That’s what I thought before I took the ride" he sings.

2. It is really all about you

The only time you should look at another persons life, is to learn so that you can apply it in yours.

Stop comparing your life to that of others, and looking for what you do not have in other people, and just stay focused, is what Adekunle’s Ire reminds us.

In the song you will hear,  the artiste saying he never knew what he was looking for, has been right in front of him.

3. Find inner peace

When things don’t work out the way we planned, we worry, but Adekunle reminds us to find  inner peace even when things don't go according to our plan.

 He advises listeners to do the work but be calm,  because the life they are looking for  is already theirs-so keep calm and keep moving

  "I didn’t know I already have the answers/ No, i didn’t know/For if I had known/The life I was searching for/Is Looking me right in the eye o" he sings.

4. Keep memories alive

At the end of the song, he dedicates it to Busayo.

Busayo is Adekunle's late  sister, who died of  a heart complication in 2011.

In an Instagram post about why he dedicated  'Ire' to Busayo, he said that one should not skip out on their  favorite memories or  favorite people they have met in life.

So do not forget, and 'goodness' will follow you.