Nigerians love weddings and because of that, the wedding industry is booming seriously as couples attempt to outdo each other every single week. From the elaborate pre-wedding photo shoots to the extravagant wedding receptions, getting married in Nigeria is not for the faint-hearted.

Sometime last week, a guy asked on Twitter that how much would it cost to have a Lagos wedding and many people replied his post with different breakdowns of all the things he would need to pay for. At the end of the day, the lowest budget on that Twitter thread was 10 million naira.

So what if you can’t afford that humongous amount of money? Does it mean only the rich can get married in Nigeria? The answer is no – everyone can get married as long as they cut their coat according to their cloth.

Let’s share with you 4 clever ways you can have a successful small wedding in Nigeria without going broke.

1. Have a weekday wedding: We’re not talking about Thursday because that’s another dedicated ‘wedding day’ in Nigeria. We are talking Monday or Tuesday; the busiest days of the week when everyone has targets to meet at work and are too busy to party. And to make it even more interesting, fix the wedding time in the morning. This might seem extreme but you know what’s at stake here. The fewer the attendees, the less money you have spend just to make your relationship with your partner official. It’s your wedding, so it’s your call.

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2. No reception: Let’s not even lie; most people skip the solemnization ceremony and just head straight to the reception venue because that’s where jollof rice and chicken will be served. As a matter of fact, the reception is where 80% of the wedding cost goes into. If you can’t afford to have a party, please just skip the reception aspect and share party packs to the people who show up at the exchange of vows ceremony or nikkai. Those are the people that truly love you.

3. Invitation only: So you can afford to have a small reception but you can’t afford the Mogbomoyas (uninvited guests), what do you do? Simple, print invitation cards to the actual guests you want and state clearly that the person whose name appears on the IV is the only one(s) invited. Insist that guests show up at the wedding with their invitation cards and make sure you have an ironclad security company to execute this on the main day. That way, every unaccounted plus one and obscure relatives won’t find their way into your party and turn it to a rowdy carnival.

4. Evening wedding: This is still very unpopular in Nigeria where we are used to morning and afternoon wedding parties. Put a spin on yours and have it in the evening. You don’t necessarily have to do it in a church or mosque as the case may be. Get a neutral venue where the reception would take place immediately after the religious ceremony. Trust us, the fear of night waka would discourage most people from showing up.

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